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Nov 2011 Newsletter

Newsletter                                                                                                                 November 2011

Need a SPACE–lift?

Time to do an inventory and rid your space of unwanted toxic relationships. WHO is in your space? Are you mostly surrounded by builders or takers? Builders want the best for you; and, takers ultimately want what’s best for them, and in the process, may suck you dry physically (e.g., your time, money, resources) and/or emotionally. 
Builders give you hope, support, and are genuinely interested in your well-being, while takers aim to sabotage you and your space with critical words or acts.   Some takers are always looking for opportunities to change you in some way (e.g., your thoughts, goals, beliefs, opinions, behaviors). 
Allow yourself more time with the builders and limit how much of your resources you share with the takers. As much as possible, surround yourself with people, things (books, songs, organizations), and activities (hobby, volunteer) that affirm your existence, your goals, and your dreams. 

Limit the resources you dedicate to people who are not feeding your relationship garden. Your garden is what you feed it. Would you continue to feed your garden with toxic water or keep rotten produce and strangling weeds? Do not allow others to keep you tangled in their mess. It is time to detangle yourself. 

Time to undergo a SPACE-lift and allow yourself room to be free. WHO IS IN YOUR SPACE? Builders or Takers?
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