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March 2013 Newsletter

Lifematters Newsletter                                                                                            March 2013 




Do you find yourself in situations in which you feel others are trying to minimize your existence?  You may feel suffocated in their presence because their primary goal is to annihilate!  The target may be your thoughts, actions, goals, feelings, desires, beliefs, values, ambitions, friendships, or anything that represents you.   This is a CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!!!  Some may choose to invalidate your experience; while, others may choose to reduce your significance.  When others make attempts to assassinate, they are attempting to strip away your being. 

You may have already exhausted your reserves in fighting these battles.  Further protect your character from being eliminated!  Contact your nearest therapist who can help you build an assassination-proof shield of protection.
For more information or help managing your Character Attack, please contact Life Matters Therapy at (301) 836-1426.  For more Matter Newsletters,  see the archive.