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March 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter                                                                                                                   March 2012

 Season’s Shift – When Shift Happens

How do you prepare for each season of the year? Preparing for the next season’s temperature change is similar to preparing yourself for the next stage of your life.  Just as the weather changes with each new season, so too do seasonal shifts happen within our lives. It is inevitable that shift will happen within our lives. That shift could consist of a career change, relationship change, family dynamic change, responsibility change or major life event.

How does one survive or prepare for a shift in season?

·        Know that there is a season for everything:
Season of toiling
Season of planting
Season of growth
Season of hibernation
Season of harvest
·        Be strategic about who you allow in your sphere of influence.
·        Find people who can provide you with support and a constructive environment - especially when shift happens.
·        Know that each season, no matter how stormy or tumultuous, is temporary.
·        Continue to master your craft and get prepared (like a soldier, executive, scholar or artist) for the next season of your life.

What season are you in? And are you prepared for the season’s shift?

For more information or help dealing with a shift in season, please contact Life Matters Therapy at (301) 836-1426.  For more Matter Newsletters, see the archive.