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June 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter                                                                                                                   June 2012

 Weight Loss Plan

Are there some people in your life that you need to rid yourself of?  Like pounds that slip away when on a diet – there are pounds of people that need to slip away from your life. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are unaware who these people could be:  
How do you feel after you are with someone? 
Well, Encouraged, Affiliated, Supported, Elevated, OR
Drained, Down, Irritated, Ignored, Empty or More Anxious???
Do you feel you are always being forced to prove yourself to a person?
Always being pulled to engage in unhealthy competition? Always accommodating? Always having to defend yourself?
People who constantly weigh you down – need to be reduced from your life immediately!
Don’t know how to shed the people weight? 
  • Establish boundaries with your resources (i.e., time, money, advice, support, etc). 
  • Become bilingual and learn how to say “No” in many ways.  “No.  I‘ll have to decline,” or “No. I will not be able to commit.” 
  • Find a therapist who can help you develop a plan for losing the people weight in your life. Therapy can help you recognize your red flag zones and can help you learn how to deal with people who are dismissive, thoughtless, inattentive, hostile or inconsiderate of you and your needs.
For more information or help managing your People Weight, please contact Life Matters Therapy at (301) 836-1426.  For more Matter Newsletters, see the archive.