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Dec 2011 Newsletter
Newsletter                                                                                                                   December 2011


Mess of Stress
Stress is messy! It affects you physically, mentally and emotionally.  Have you checked your Emotional Vitals recently?
Vital A: Acceptance.
Accept who you are, accept where you are in life, and where you are going. It’s easy to try to compare yourself with others but the results of doing so can lead to a vicious self-defeating cycle. The beauty of life is that everyone has something unique and different to contribute.  Define and accept your own path.
Vital B:  Boxed-In.
Are you feeling boxed-in or suffocated by the expectations and demands of others or yourself? Does it feel like others are snatching the life out of you? Step outside the box that people are trying to place you in. You are more than a box.
Vital C: Control.
Trying to control others or yourself by having set schedules, agenda, expectations, thinking or behavior for EVERYTHING will only bring about disappointment, frustration, moodiness and anxiety. On the other hand, you may have a person or people who try to control how you think, what you eat, who you are, who you are friends with, what you do/say or how you dress. Let your control go and let go of others who try to control you.
Vital D: Direction.
Sometimes life leaves you confused, numb, stuck or in a robotic, habitual state where you are going through the motions but not living life the way you would like to live it. There is a way to live and experience life differently. Gaining a sense of direction is a process that takes time. During this stage, it is important to remember that everything has meaning – including your life and the events in your life from the past, present and future.   
 Vital E: Extreme Thinking.  
Extreme, inflexible thinking is like destructive fire to your soul’s well-being. Such thinking is embedded in statements like: “I should never…” “Everyone must accept me.”  “I’m dumb.” “I’m no good.” “I shouldn’t feel this way.”  “I must always be in control.” “I shouldn’t make any mistakes.” Trying to live your life with inflexible thinking can be challenging! Allow yourself to be more flexible in how you think.
Which Vital area do you feel in a rut or stuck? Which area causes the most stress for you? Having these stressful problem areas in your life can be emotionally draining and can feed into feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt and/or exhaustion. None of the Vital areas can be managed alone. Need help with accepting your own path, living outside the box, letting go of control, gaining direction or combating extreme, inflexible thinking? It’s time to experience a different way of living.
For more information or help dealing with any of your Emotional Vitals, please contact Life Matters Therapy at (301) 836-1426.  For more Matter Newsletters, see our archive