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Lifematters Newsletter                                                                                            Fall 2013 


After: MATH



What happens in the aftermath of an event or series of events?  Have things happened in your life that defy the rules of logic?  You may be trying to deal with something that has happened recently and are trying to understand what occurred.  For some, you may be trying to pick up the pieces for yourself and have literally run out of energy, motivation or reserves.  For others, something may have happened wherein you have felt helpless to manage the aftermath of it all.  You may have asked yourself what is the point of moving forward? Or what is the purpose of this mess? 

Life is full of shades of grey and sometimes things happen that don’t logically make sense.  Amidst the chaos, you may not have the capacity to describe the After:MATH experience in words.

Now is the time to manage what is left in the After:MATH.  A therapist can assist you in this journey.

For more information or help managing your After:MATH, please contact Life Matters Therapy at (301) 836-1426.  For more Matter Newsletters, see the archive.